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1964 Chevelle "Malitude"

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Malitude was originally built by my friend Mark Stielow. You probably remember it as red, with a nice twin-turbo small block. I was originally just going to do a simple re-paint to fix some issues, but things soon changed. :)

There is a huge advantage when buying a car built by Mark ...... you get all the engineering and hard work already done! He had already done the 3" minitub and frame mods, and had sorted out the suspension. All I had to do was clean everything up, have a few items re-powdercoated, and bolt them right back on the car. Since I had the car apart and was going to change the engine and wheels, I decided a color change was also on the list. Not a huge fan of red, and since I was changing enough that nobody would know the car was the same one Mark built, I decided to do it the way I wanted it.

I had a twin turbo LS2 sitting in my shop, a leftover from a previous project. Since I had to pull the car completely apart to paint it, I figured I might as well swap over to the modern LS engine. So I sold the twin turbo small block the car came with, and started the installation of the 402 LS2. Nelson Racing provided the 321 stainless turbo headers and I decided to run a pair of water-cooled Precision 6776RE turbos. Made over 1000 HP on pump gas yet can be literally be driven anywhere. Regularly got over 20 mpg.

Boost is easily adjustable on the fly from inside the car. Nicest riding muscle car I've owned or driven, very smooth, On the chassis dyno we could only get a partial run as the dyno was shutting off due to excessive torque. Still made 721 rwhp and 784 rwtq at only 4800 rpm. This was at 15 psi and 91 octane fuel. As you can see the numbers were still going straight up, so it should have been in the 900 rwhp range with a full pull. Boost is easily adjustable on the fly from inside the car. Retains power steering, air conditioning, all the comforts of a car that's a pleasure to drive.

Quick Specs

402 LS2

Callies crank

Howards rods

Mahle offset pin turbo pistons

ET Performance full CNC 11 degree heads

Stock LS2 camshaft

Precision Metalcraft sheet metal intake with FAST throttle body

(2)6776RE Precision Turbos ball bearing liquid cooled

Nelson Racing 321 stainless headers and wastegate boxes

Vintage Air front runner, anodized black

Big Stuff 3 engine management

Ron Davis custom radiator

Custom air to air intercooler

4L80E overdrive trans with PCS programmable controller

Paddle shifter by Twist Machine

3" minitubbed frame. Sectioned inner fenders to look stock

Currie 9" rear end with aluminum center, true trac, 3.00 gears

Full custom 3" stainless exhaust with Magnaflow stainless mufflers

Custom stainless fuel tank

Vintage Wheel V45 wheels with Yokohama tires

17X8" (4.75" bs) front and 17X11" (5.75" bs) rear

245/45 front 315/35 rear tire size

09 Mercedes silver paint by Jim Ramirez