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2003 Ford Lightning

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This was my 2003 Lightning. It made 413 rwhp and 528 rwtq on 100 octane fuel and the stock Eaton blower. I then installed an alcohol injection kit which allowed me to run race timing on 91 octane pump gas. Next up was a ported Eaton blower from Apten Performance. On pump gas it made 428 rwhp and over 500 rwtq.

Next set of mods were a KB blower, 4# lower pulley, cold air kit, and SCT Racer Pro tuning software so I could tune the truck myself. In 100 degree heat it made 457 rwhp and 549 rwtq.

At 500 rwhp or so the stock fuel system is no longer up to the task. I had added more boost and with new tuning it was right around that power level. I nosed it over at WOT and broke a rod. So a new engine went together from Dante at Modular Performance. Crower billet rods, Crower crank, coated pistons, Stage II Crower cams, fully ported heads, etc. 

New chassis dyno numbers for the new setup were 544 rwhp at 16 psi with the 91 octane tune and 100% stock exhaust. Jumped to 578 rwhp with 20 psi but the stock exhaust is really holding it back now. I wanted to see how far I could go with the stock exhaust, and once I reached that I decided to go with headers and a freer flowing exhaust.

With a full Dynatech header setup along with Bassani cat-back, 21 psi of boost made 621.5 rwhp and 708.7 rwtq. Truck is as smooth as stock, but a lot more fun to drive. Went 11.20's on drag radials and the pump gas tune, should run 10's on race gas and slicks.